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Below 100/ In Service

The BELOW 100 is an awareness-based, impactful course focusing on preventing line of duty deaths where officers contribute to their own death through their actions.  It’s been more than 65 years since the annual number of line-of-duty police deaths was fewer than BELOW 100. Law Officer's BELOW 100 initiative will change that by concentrating on areas that can most effectively save officers' lives. BELOW 100 is an awareness campaign, combined with a training program that will provide a commonsense solution to driving down a number that has remained too high for too long. BELOW 100 is not about statistics. It’s about each and every officer, trainer and supervisor taking individual and collective responsibility for the decisions and actions that contribute to safety. The five basic tenants of this program, combined with strong personal commitment, will reduce line of duty deaths across America to levels not seen since the 1940’s.

Type: In-Service

Length: 1/2 day (4 hours)


  •  Intro to Below 100
  • 5 Basic tenants of Below 100
    • Wear your belt.
    • Wear your vest.
    • Watch your speed.
    • WIN! – What’s Important Now?
    • Remember – Complacency Kills!
  • Agency Implementation of Below 100

Who Should Attend

Applicants must be federal, state, local, campus or tribal criminal justice professionals, law enforcement personnel, or domestic violence advocates from rural jurisdictions.

Registration Information

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Contact Information

If you have questions or need additional information, contact us at or call 800-74FLETC.

Training Dates

There are currently no training dates or other items within this program.