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Arrest Techniques/Defensive Tactics

This course will provide an overview of the concepts and techniques taught in the FLETC’s Physical Techniques Division (PTD) Arrest Techniques and Defensive Tactics Training Programs.  This is a one-day course providing practical, hands on training in a specialized training facilities.  Attendees will be exposed to and train with a wide variety of training aids, venues and training methodologies.  Rather than attempting perfect techniques for any given situation, The FLETC focus on a small set of easily learned and retained concepts, based on natural body movement and our innate responses to danger. Arrest Techniques training will include handcuffing for all threat levels, arrest and control concepts and the continuous threat assessment.  Defensive tactics courses will provide training in the areas of weapon retention (standing and ground), takedowns, defense of tackles and grabs, ground escapes, edged weapon defense and intermediate weapons. 


Type: Advanced

Length: 1 Day


  • Threat assessment
  • Restraining suspects
  • Searching suspects
  • Close quarters
  • Takedowns
  • Ground defense
  • Edge weapons
  • Intermediate weapons

Who Should Attend?

Qualified applicants must be full-time, sworn law enforcement peace officers.


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Training Dates

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