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Tuition-Free Training Programs

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The FLETC’s State, Local and Tribal Division (SLTD) offers the following training programs and workshops. These programs are exported to select sites throughout the country and at FLETC facilities in Artesia NM, Charleston SC, Cheltenham MD and Glynco GA. All of these programs, workshops and symposiums are tuition-free and are usually hosted by a local department or academy.

Contact Information

Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers
1131 Chapel Crossing Rd.
Glynco, GA 31524
Building 2200 - SLTD
Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST. Mon - Fri
Phone: 1-800-743-5382

General Information

Tuition-Free Training Schedule (PDF)

Training Programs

Active Shooter Threat Instructor Training Program
Active Shooter Threat Training Program (ASTTP)
Advanced Interviewing for Law Enforcement Investigators Training Program (AILEITP_M)
Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Awareness Training Program (AIATP)
Arrest Techniques/Defensive Tactics
Backcountry Tactics and Tracking Training Program
Basic Incident Response to Digital Evidence
Basic Peer Support Crisis Intervention Training Program
Basic Tactical Medical Training Program
Continuing Legal Education Training Program
Court Security Training Program (USMS-CSTP)
Digital Photography for Law Enforcement Training Program – Level 1
Drug Endangered Children Investigations Training Program (DECITP)
Drug Law Enforcement Training Program (DLETP)
Drug Law Enforcement Training Program (Modified)
Fugitive Investigator Training Program
Implementing Intelligence-Led Policing Training Program (IILPTP)
Instructional Techniques for Non-Lethal Training Ammunition
Intelligence Awareness for Law Enforcement Executives Training Program (IALEETP)
Introduction to Drug Endangered Children Investigations Training Program
Law Enforcement Adjunct Instructor Training Program
Law Enforcement First Responder Training Program (LEFRTP)
Leadership through Understanding Human Behavior Training Program
Looking Beyond the Ticket & Roadside Interviewing (LBTRI)
Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture Training Program
Patrol Criminal Interdiction Training Program
State and Local Law Enforcement Training Symposium (In-Service)
Situational Leadership® II for Law Enforcement Training Program
Survival Shooting Training Program
Wildland Fire Investigation Case Development Training Program
Wildland Fire Origin and Cause Determination
Women in Law Enforcement Leadership


Basic Criminal Investigations Workshop / In-Service
Basic Digital Photography for Law Enforcement Workshop / In-Service
Below 100/ In Service
Below 100 and Drug Endangered Children
Below 100, Use of Force and Legal Aspects, 4th Amendment
Case Organization and Presentation Workshop / In-Service
Cell Phone Forensics (In-Service)
Clandestine Lab Awareness and Safety Workshop / In-Service
Crowd Control Workshop / In-Service
Detecting Deceptive Behavior Workshop / In-Service
Domestic Violence Workshop / In-Service
Hidden Weapons Workshop / In-Service
Human Trafficking/Drug Endangered Children Workshop / In-Service
Interviewing and Interrogation Workshop / In-Service
Investigative Techniques Workshop / In-Service
Knowledge for the Streets Workshop / In-Service
Latent Fingerprint Development for First Responders Workshop / In-Service
Leadership and Ethics Workshop / In-Service
Mental Preparation and Officer Survival / In-Service
NEVO/Skid Control/Distracted Driving In-Service
Officer Safety Workshop / In-Service
Officer Safety/Use of Force Workshop / In-Service
Officer Survival Workshop / In-Service
Use of Force and Legal Aspects, and 4th Amendment Training
Use of Force and Legal Aspects

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