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FLETC Graduates Memorial

With Sincere Respect and Honor...

Graduates Memorial 2Thousands of America’s finest men and women have trained at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and gone on to work as law enforcement officers serving their country in an exemplary manner. Unfortunately, many of these men and women have paid the ultimate price in service to their country.

To honor the memory of graduates who have died in the line of duty, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center has established the FLETC Graduates Memorial at the Glynco campus. Each year in May, a solemn and stirring ceremony marks the addition to the Memorial of the names of the graduates who have died in the line of duty during the previous year.

The original FLETC Graduates Memorial was dedicated during the Center’s first Peace Officers Memorial Day Ceremony in May 1986. This, like all subsequent observations, was a joint Ceremony with our State and local law enforcement agencies. The original Memorial was a simple three-sided wall with granite plaques bearing the names of 23 FLETC basic training graduates who had died in the line of duty since the Center’s inception in 1970.

Unfortunately, in just nine short years, the Honor Roll of FLETC graduates who died in the line of duty outgrew the capacity of this Memorial. The new FLETC Graduates Memorial is a much larger edifice, with nine granite panels for engraving the names of our fallen comrades. Sadly, there are now 196 names on our Memorial, filling more than six of the panels.

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Graduates Who Have Died in the Line of Duty (Listed by their agency name)

Let us quietly and respectfully review their names and honor their sacrifice...

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

  • Eddie Benitez
  • John F. Capano
  • Conway C. LeBleu
  • Johnny A. Masengale
  • Todd W. McKeehan
  • Kimberly D. Place
  • Ariel Rios
  • David E. Sullivan
  • Robert J. Williams
  • Steven D. Willis

Bureau of Indian Affairs

  • Michael G. Miller
  • Defford Oyebi
  • Creighton T. Spencer

Bureau of Prisons

  • Daniel J. Bryer
  • Robert F. Miller
  • Jose V. Rivera
  • Gary L. Rowe
  • D'Antonio H. Washington
  • Alfredo D. Williams
  • Scott J. Williams

Department of Agriculture

  • Nelson R. Harmon

Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • Paul Broxterman

Department of Justice - Office of the Inspector General

  • William "Buddy" Sentner III

Department of State

  • Patrick J. Henry
  • Ronald A. Lariviere
  • Daniel E. O'Connor

Diplomatic Security Service

  • Edward J. Seitz
  • Stephen E. Sullivan

Drug Enforcement Administration

  • Arthur L. Cash
  • Thomas J. Devine
  • Rickie C. Finley
  • Richard Heath, Jr.
  • Hector Jordan
  • George M. Montoya
  • William Ramos
  • Raymond Stastny

Environmental Protection Agency

  • David R. DeLitta
  • William T. Parr

Federal Protective Service

  • Robert P. Dana
  • Michael J. Doyle
  • William J. Martin
  • Ronald C. Sheffield
  • Robert W. Yesucevitz

Immigration and Naturalization Service 

  • Ernest Bowman
  • Tommy K. Chin
  • Robert F. Jenkins, Jr.
  • Anthony S. Minetto
  • Juan G. Reyes-Orellana
  • Robert M. Smith

Internal Revenue Service

  • David H. Feick
  • Julio D. LaRosa

  • Richard I. Luht, Jr.
  • Robert E. Rorrer
  • Howard R. Stuart-Houston

National Park Service

  • Margaret A. Anderson
  • Kris Eggle
  • Joseph D. Kolodski
  • Robert E. Mahn, Jr.
  • Steve R. Makuakane-Jarrell
  • Duane P. McClure
  • Robert L. McGhee
  • Daniel P. Madrid
  • Thomas P. O’Hara
  • Christopher Nickel
  • Julie A. Weir

Naval Criminal Investigative Service

  • Douglas B. Kocina
  • Jerry W. Kramer
  • Thomas P. Marzilli

Pentagon Force Protection Agency

  • James M. Feltis, III

Tennessee Valley Authority

  • Timothy P. Huckaby

U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations

  • Ryan A. Balmer
  • Matthew J. Kuglics
  • Daniel J. Kuhlmeier
  • Nathan J. Schuldheiss
  • David A. Wieger

U.S. Capitol Police

  • James T. Chapin
  • Jacob J. Chestnut
  • Christopher S. Eney
  • John M. Gibson
  • James A. Griffith

U.S. Customs Service

  • Renault R. Bayhi
  • Charles J. Bokinskie
  • James A. Buczel
  • David L. Crater
  • David E. DeLoach
  • Gary P. Friedli
  • Paul D. Ice
  • Alan J. Klumpp
  • Richard M. Latham
  • Timothy C. McCaghren
  • Claude A. Medearis
  • Glenn R. Miles, Sr.
  • Pedro J. Rodriguez
  • George R. Saenz
  • George J. Spencer
  • Carl R. Talafous
  • James D. Taylor
  • Manuel VII Zurita

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine

  • Julio E. Baray
  • Robert F. Smith
  • Clinton B. Thrasher

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol

  • Luis A. Aguilar
  • Travis W. Attaway
  • Jefferson L. Barr
  • Eric N. Cabral
  • Leopoldo F. Cavazos Jr.

  • Hector R. Clark
  • Charles F. Collins II

  • George B. DeBates
  • David R. Delaney

  • Jarod C. Dittman
  • James R. Dominguez

  • Roberto J. Duran
  • James P. Epling
  • Michael V. Gallagher

  • Richard Goldstein
  • Nicholas D. Greenig
  • Eloy Hernandez
  • Catherine M. Hill
  • Nicholas J. Ivie

  • Daniel M. James, Jr.
  • John D. Keenan
  • Alexander Kirpnick
  • Xavier G. Magdaleno
  • Josiah B. Mahar
  • Miguel J. Maldonado, Jr.
  • John R. McCravey
  • Cruz C. McGuire
  • Jose A. Nava
  • Ramon Nevarez, Jr.
  • Victor C. Ochoa
  • Jesus De La Ossa
  • Walter S. Panchison
  • Jason C. Panides
  • Jeffrey Ramirez

  • Susan L. Rodriguez
  • Eduardo Rojas, Jr.
  • Robert W. Rosas, Jr.
  • Manuel Salcido, Jr.
  • Norman Ray Salinas
  • Ricardo G. Salinas
  • Luis A. Santiago
  • Robert F. Smith

  • Brian A. Terry

  • Stephen C. Starch
  • Stephen M. Sullivan
  • David J. Tourscher
  • Mark F. Van Doren

  • Aurelio E. Valencia
  • David Villarreal
  • David N. Webb
  • Joseph R. White
  • Thomas J. Williams
  • Jeremy M. Wilson
  • John R. Zykas

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

  • Richard J. Guadagno
  • Douglas J. Morris
  • Thomas P. Cloherty

U.S. Forest Service

  • Stephen A. Bowman
  • Kristine M. Fairbanks
  • Brent K. Jacobson
  • Michael R. Smith
  • Michael L. Staples
  • Christopher A. Upton

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

  • Lorenzo R. Gomez
  • David G. Wilhelm
  • Jaime J. Zapata

U.S. Marshals Service

  • Bucky E. Burke
  • Robert S. Cheshire, Jr.
  • William F. Degan, Jr.
  • Roy L. Frakes
  • Peter P. Hillman
  • Derek W. Hotsinpiller
  • John B. Perry

U.S. Mint

  • Ted M. Shinault

U.S. Park Police

  • Michael A. Boehm
  • Hakim A. Farthing
  • Ricardo M. Preston

U.S. Postal Service – Office of the Inspector General

  • Greg R. Boss

U.S. Secret Service

  • Donald A. Bejcek
  • Cynthia C. Brown
  • Richard T. Cleary
  • James S. Collins
  • Daniel M. Connolly
  • Julie Y. Cross
  • Scott E. Deaton
  • Hector L. Diaz
  • J. Clifford Dietrich
  • Phillip C. Lebid
  • Donald R. Leonard
  • Mickey B. Maroney
  • Manuel J. Marrero-Otero
  • Donald W. Robinson
  • James M. Ryan
  • Christopher J. Smith
  • Stewart P. Watkins
  • Alan G. Whicher